Discovering local heroes…

A day visiting East Kirkby was great fun.

We ate lunch by a Lancaster plane and then Peter, our guide showed us around the bomber.

Peter told us about his dad, who was a navigator on a Lancaster, and how his dad guided the crew back to East Kirkby following a bombing raid and being caught in a searchlight.

Peter’s dad flew an amazing 31 missions over Germany.

To celebrate World Book Day, the children worked with a real author on a ‘super-hero’ character who could have lived┬áduring the war.


World War Two Museum

We opened up the classroom today to explain to our visitors about our World War Two artefacts. Everyone had a look in each classroom and everyone took a turn in explaining the artefacts to the visitors.

RAF Scampton Visit

Today (Wednesday 3rd February) we visited RAF Scampton. We heard about all the local history to do with the Dambusters and Guy Gibson. We saw the’Bouncing Bomb’ and learnt how Guy Gibson won his Victoria Cross.

Our tour guide was amazing and we learnt how to survive if we were shot down behind enemy lines. We learnt so many facts. Come and see us on Friday at SHARE when all of Year 5 and 6 open up their World War Two museum.

Look who sat in Guy Gibson’s seat!

We even got to see the ‘Red Arrows’ take off and fly past!

Thank you to all our volunteers. If you fancy a great visit with the family got the RAF Scampton Heritage Trust website or pop into The Dambusters Inn in Scampton Village where there are some fabulous artefacts.